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Our Rules of Hygiene

(Updated: September 6, 2020)

(These are only the most important rules. You can see all rules in the German version)


  1. Social distancing is obligatory both in the synagogue and on the precinct.
    1. Minimal distance to be kept is 1.5 m - even when entering or leaving the synagogue.
    2. No more than 25 persons are allowed in the building, no more than 70 persons on the precincts.
  2. You have to wear a face mask in the synagogue.
    • You should wear a face mask on the precincts if social distancing becomes difficult. (Rule of thumb: if more than 20 persons are present)
  3. Please, make use of the hand sanitizer when entering the synagogue.
  4. Persons suffering from acute respirational disease or fewer are not allowed in the synagogue.
  5. Achten Sie auf die Husten/ Nies-Etikette in ein Taschentuch oder in den Ellenbogen. Vermeiden Sie Körperkontakt.
  6. On entering the synagogue we have to ask you for your personal data (name, address, phonenumber).
    • These data will be entered in a list.
    • The data will not made accessible to third parties.
    • In case of a corona infection the list will be shown to the local medical authorities, so that it is possible to find contacts.
    • The data will not made accessible to third parties.
    • The list will be destroyed after a fortnight.

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