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The First Synagogue

Before 1826 a room on the upper floor of a building at the back of house 35 was established as a synagogue: On March 15, 1826 Löw Feis Weil (1751 - 1826) and his wife Edel (Adelheid) née Hirsch (1762 - 1845) sell the „stables below the Synagogue” to their son Samuel Löw Weil (1796 - 1865). The sellers keep the synagogue and have to provide for the upkeep . The house was situated near the lower end of Lerchenneststraße (former Ehrstädter Straße).

The ground floor of the building in the backyard is described as „a solid stone building”  to distinguish it from the upper floor that was used as the synagogue .

The building still existed in 1920 . The owner of the property was then Leopold Weil (1863 - 1917) and after him his widow Klara née Kern (1870 - Nov 1938) Shortly after her death their son Josef sold the property in 1939 – only a few days before he himself left the country.

All buildings have been demolished. Today there is the building of the Sparkasse in their place.

 Picture form the beginning of today's Lerchenneststraße, 1923

Picture from 1923 showing the lower end of the street where the first synagogue was in a back yard. (On the street there are families Weil/Hofmann. )

Sadly there doesn't seem to exist a picture of the synagogue itself.


The picture is taken from H.Appenzeller's collection. He kindly allowed to use it.

Stadtarchiv Sinsheim, „Steinsfurt”, A 999, B 16, 233 - 238

Grundbuchamt Sinsheim, Lagerbuch